Monday, June 29, 2015

kallie girl: 6 months

Half-a-year already. I can't believe it! As of lately, Kallie has developed a new sense of interest in absolutely anything we have in our hands. We have to make an intentional effort to keep everything away from her, while making sure she doesn't launch at it too hard that she falls out of our arms! She's curious and determined. 

We're also super impressed with how well she can get herself around! Her best methods of traveling across the room include digging her feet into the ground and pushing forward, digging her head into the ground and "inch-worming" forward, and of course rolling, rotating, pivoting and scooting. Getting SO close to crawling! Out non-mobile days are numbered...

We are just having so much fun with her. She's teeny, but not too fragile. She's active, but not too mobile. I just wish I could freeze time. 6 months is so fun! 

Six Month Appointment:
12 lbs. 11 oz. (2nd percentile)
25 1/2 in. (22nd percentile)


 We loved having the Taylor's in town and getting Camden & Kallie together :)
We also loved welcoming baby Bowen into the group! Can't believe we all have babies!

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

cousin lovin'

Kallie is so lucky to have so many cousins. She will have so much fun growing up with them! I am so envious! Here's a photo dump of our most recent trip to Boise and our past few get togethers with our family here in Lehi. 

Kara, Kyle, Jake & Jackson with Kallie

Kallie and Jackson, just 10 weeks apart!

Kyle sure loves the babies...

 Ben & Lily

Kallie was sure spoiled by all the attention from cousin Lily all weekend!

Calvin & Kallie, also just 10 weeks apart! Cal & Kal.

Where she was introduced to watermelon for the first time...WOW, was it a hit!

Cute cousin Jane

Jane, Lily & Kallie

Uncle Jayson

Aunt Stacy

Vacation time means lots of extra Daddy time! We'll take it!

The girls and their real-life babies!

Aunt April with Calvin & Kallie

Uncle Bran, the baby whisperer

Cousins Kallie & Jane in their matchy-match pink dresses :)

Friday, May 29, 2015

kallie girl: 5 months

5 whole months! And getting more and more wiggly by the day. She loves to be held "up" and "out" and be constantly moving. Such an alert, curious little thing. Here are a few recent happenings...

Kallie has started to play with toys! She grabs at them, holds them, and of course shoves everything into her mouth. She loves chomping on absolutely anything she can get her hands on. The lovely "oral stage" in all its glory.

She's also rolling all over the place these days! Both ways, back and forth, you name it. The best is seeing her "eye" one of her toys from across the room, then watch her figure out how she's going to get it. Then she rolls, scoots, reaches, (sometimes lays her head down on the floor and whines about it for a little bit), then she's right back up, determined to get to it! If she's really struggling, sometimes she'll resort to just yanking on the blanket to bring the toy closer and closer to her. Little smarty...

We've also started introducing her to some real foods! Strawberries, apples, cantaloupe, pineapple, and most recently watermelon. She would suck and gnaw on them all day long if we'd let her. It's been so fun introducing her to new flavors and textures, and even more fun watching her kick and flail and cry when you take them away...she LOVES them! Maybe we should have introduced her to vegetables first? She may never go back after learning about all these yummy sweet fruits first...whoops!

Her pink teddy bear is an essential for bedtime. She won't sleep without it! As soon as we lay her in her crib, she snuggles right up to it and drifts off to sleep. Occasionally I'll peek on her from the video monitor and see her little hand just petting it over and over. Some would say this is creating a bad habit... I think it's absolutely adorable.
She's also constantly trying to escape her bouncer, her bumbo, her carseat...really any form of restraint. I have a feeling we're about to have a busy, busy, busy one on our hands pretty soon! 
Sweet girl. What on earth did we ever do without you?

Friday, May 22, 2015

kallie's adoring visitors

Over the past few months, baby Kallie has met dozens of adoring visitors who have traveled long and far to meet her. She is quite the attraction! I'm always asked if I'm offended that everyone goes "straight to the baby" now instead of me. Hello?! I'd be offended if they didn't! There is no greater compliment than having people dote on your baby. And that Kallie girl sure is easy to love... Stealing hearts one visitor at a time!

Grandma Cath from Boise

Anna from Virginia

Jess and Camden from Houston
Cruisin' around in their matchy-match carseats!
My personal favorite because their expressions could not be more accurate- Camden all over his new girlfriend, and Kallie not having it.

 Cousins Ben and Lily from Boise
(Brandon and Stacy not pictured)

Julie from Virginia

McKenna from Washington

Grandpa and Uncles from Virginia

Marcie from Arizona
(Kallie not pictured, but I promised she was a big part of the visit, right Marce?)
It has been so fun having so much company and showing off sweet baby Kallie. She is so loved!