Monday, June 29, 2015

kallie girl: 6 months

Half-a-year already. I can't believe it! As of lately, Kallie has developed a new sense of interest in absolutely anything we have in our hands. We have to make an intentional effort to keep everything away from her, while making sure she doesn't launch at it too hard that she falls out of our arms! She's curious and determined. 

We're also super impressed with how well she can get herself around! Her best methods of traveling across the room include digging her feet into the ground and pushing forward, digging her head into the ground and "inch-worming" forward, and of course rolling, rotating, pivoting and scooting. Getting SO close to crawling! Out non-mobile days are numbered...

We are just having so much fun with her. She's teeny, but not too fragile. She's active, but not too mobile. I just wish I could freeze time. 6 months is so fun! 

Six Month Appointment:
12 lbs. 11 oz. (2nd percentile)
25 1/2 in. (22nd percentile)


 We loved having the Taylor's in town and getting Camden & Kallie together :)
We also loved welcoming baby Bowen into the group! Can't believe we all have babies!